“We trade global equities across North America, the UK and Europe. Tethys helped us minimize transaction costs and maximize alpha capture through a combination of their equity execution algorithms and customizations. We have a passive trading style, which combined with the TethysAlgo strategies, has enabled us to target and meet specific performance and market impact levels, while generating significant rebates. Overall, Tethys has significantly improved our execution compared to the broker algorithms we previously used.”
Josh TaylorRiley Creek Capital

“We implemented TethysEMS after evaluating it in a three month test run and found Tethys algorithms to significantly out-perform other offerings. We have integrated our Alpha models into the platform using the flexible API and scripting language. We can now detect opportunities for our trading universe and associated spreads in real-time and execute them seamlessly with very high efficiency.”
Neil Thalheim, PrincipalThalheim Capital

“We are pleased with our choice of TethysEMS for our global futures trading needs. We used other systems before and chose TethysEMS for its performance, flexibility and high-quality global support. We were able to build and test our proprietary strategies rapidly and be ready for production within one week. We trade in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The Tethys organization has done an outstanding job and exceeded our expectations.”
Jacqueline Matthews, Managing PartnerPJM Capital

“We at Acos selected Tethys’ Execta platform for its performance and rich integrated algorithmic and transaction cost analysis offering . Execta allows Acos complete control over its execution and the ability to take advantage of trade opportunities in real-time. In addition we, now, are able to test various execution strategies through the Execta simulator. We looked at a variety of platforms and found Execta to be the most complete offering. It offered the highest performance among the products we evaluated. Execta has given us the ability to implement new investment strategies and also reduce our overall execution costs. The Tethys team gave considerable personalized attention to our specific requirements.”
Sampson Glassman, Head TraderAcos Fund Management

“Tethys products allow us to take advantage of trading opportunities around the world and they provide us access to state-of-art algorithmic trading technology and analytics on our desktop. In addition Tethys has helped us streamline the entire trade-booking and allocation process. Tethys Technology was one of the few vendors who could support the workflow we required. Ecofin chose Execta™ for its flexibility, low latency, multi-asset algorithmic trading capabilities and the high-quality support. As our firm continues to grow, we needed a system that can easily scale to support new trading strategies and investment funds.”
Mike EarlywineEcofin Ltd.

Tethys works with buy-side and sell-side clients including: hedge funds, broker-dealers, mutual funds, CTAs and FCMs. To learn more, contact sales at sales@tethystech.com and 212-509-5600