custom teams

Neeraj D

Senior Director

“At Tethys, I have connected with colleagues and leadership around the globe.  I joined the firm in 2020 and it has been a very enriching experience.  I became the Head of Tethys Technologies Private Ltd (India) when Tethys opened its offices in India–although Tethys has been established and active for more than 20+ years in the US/UK market.

I have learned a lot and experienced numerous growth opportunities. If you have the potential, zeal, creativity and diligence toward your work, Tethys will welcome you with an open hand.

We treat our employees as valuable assets. At Tethys, you will get the opportunity to learn innovative technology and have great experiences to grow professionally and personally. The firm offers a highly energetic atmosphere, a transparent culture, open internal communication, and management with a vision for the future.”

Jason B

Associate Director
New York

The Tethys development team is small so I get exposed to many areas I wouldn’t have touched in a larger organization.  I feel closer to the production environment and clients — it’s nice to overhear my colleagues in Client Support dialogue with clients on projects that I engineered.

Everyone at Tethys, from Management, Support, Sales and different Team Members made learning about the details of execution management an enjoyable task.

Management is open and receptive to new ideas and encourages input from everyone.  I feel that innovative thinking and work are welcomed and will be recognized.”

James M

New York

Tethys allows its staff to be exposed to an industry dominated by large financial institutions, but unlike larger firms, you observe and directly participate in many aspects of the business from start to finish.  The team works in a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment, and management encourages staff to develop unique solutions to complex tasks.  Your ability to grow and realize your full potential is only limited by your willingness to take on new challenges offered by the development and growth of the company.  This is a fantastic company to develop and enhance your career.”

Andrew C

Sales and Business Development

Incredibly organized structure with extremely talented individuals throughout. It is a joy to be part of the Team. Upper management ensures the resources to keep employees happy. I really value my time here and would recommend working at Tethys to anyone who has the opportunity.”

Lei Y

Associate Director
New York

“Over the past 10+ years at Tethys, I’ve had the opportunity to work on challenging projects which have enriched and sharpened my skills. I work day-to-day with the CEO & Head of Research on numerous data and analytics projects advancing my skills and knowledge of complex strategies in programming, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and market microstructure. If you have potential, ambition and creativity—you will have great experiences at Tethys, helping you achieve career success.”

Vidhi S

Business Support Analyst

“I’ve had a great experience since joining the firm. The culture is fast-paced and very innovative, and the people are extremely motivated; this inspires and motivates me to perform even better. At Tethys, I have a great work-life balance, reasonable working hours, and the ability to take time off and travel, while also having the opportunity for professional and personal growth. It is a wonderful place to work!”

Alexis M

Director of Production and Development

I have been with Tethys for nearly 15 years now – and over this time have faced many interesting technical challenges, dealt with a range of tasks, and learned many new skills on the job.  If you feel you’re up to the task and are results-oriented, you will be rewarded with a great learning experience, a place where all ideas will be heard and fairly evaluated, access to a wide variety of platforms and technologies, collaboration with like-minded colleagues across the globe, and an open and diverse culture.  Even after all these years I still feel Tethys has much to offer and is still growing, with many interesting projects in the pipeline!”

Krishan P

Sr. Business & Support Analyst

I joined Tethys in 2022 and I can say that it’s one of the best places I’ve ever worked. Great work-life balance, highly talented and amazing group of people who always look out for each other and at the same time, make sure that you are learning and growing professionally by encouraging you to take up new challenges. Ideas put forward by anyone are considered and valued regardless of where you are in the organizational structure. My journey so far is full of exciting challenges which have come with a lot of learning that has helped me grow a lot as a person as well as professionally.”